World Wide Exhibits specializes in custom exhibits. Backed by over 20 years of experience, any custom exhibit idea can become a reality.

Custom exhibits are constructed through several steps...


Step 1 Inception

Once our clients decide what size their exhibits should be, the design begins. Whether at our office or yours, we start gathering ideas for exhibit designs and effective product display.



Step 2 Renderings

World Wide Exhibits provides a variety of renderings for our clients to gain a visual idea of their exhibit. Final adjustments and modifications are made during this stage before construction begins.




Step 3 Construction

World Wide Exhibits uses durable and quality materials to build our custom exhibits. We take precision and time to make every component of the exhibit, from the walls to the graphics.




Step 4 Installation

World Wide Exhibits offers quick and simple installation services on our custom exhibits. Once an exhibit is has been installed, clients have no problems with displaying their products successfully.


For examples please see our Exhibit Gallery